Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Four...

And still going strong. :)

I feel like today so far has been much easier. My headaches are completely gone, my sugar cravings are way down, and I'm not constantly desiring some carbs.

Much better.

Today my friend is coming over and we're going to cook for our families. Her and I are both crazy foodies, I, a bit more on the healthy exotic side, but it's all good. Slight problem, I can hardly eat anything. Especially not what she plans to cook. My mom, who decided to do the SBD with me, says she'll only eat a little of everything. I'm not like that, though. I don't want to break what I've worked so hard to keep. We'll see...

I'm making a crazy lentil chickpea soup with an asian twist...hopefully?! We'll see if it turns out. Then, I'm stuffing a squash with all sorts of South Beach friendly veggies, and last but not least, a cold cabbage salad with Tahini dressing. :) These things I can eat, but what she's making (dessert and two soups) I can not eat. Not to sure if she'll understand, but we'll see?!

This morning I went running and then did a ten minute work out video. Running was not terrific, wow am I out of shape. Time, time, time. Everything takes time.

Anyhoo, bye bye for now.

Broaches are still in the works...I may try to take pictures and upload them. Who knows?

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