Friday, January 7, 2011

Can't believe it's day six.

Really. It's crazy.

Today I had a party to go to as well as a dinner. I made it through, though.
Can't wait to get back to eating some fruits and grains,though. Honeslty, I may be missing those more...actually I'm sure I'm missing those more than the sugars. A nice juicy apple, some roasted squash, carrot sticks, cold banana with peanut mouth is watering. :)

Anyway, when it's all over I'll begin posting my recipes once more There's not really much to be made (in my kitchen anyway) while on such a restricted diet.

Today I did make a yummy salad, though. Actually two yummy salads. For brunch I had...oh wait. I forgot to mention doing a salt water flush today. I highly recommend it. Works well for flushing out unwanted toxins and I enjoyed the feeling of 'cleaned out' anyway. Try it. Just be prepared to have access to a bathroom for at least the next three hours. Otherwise you might be in an odd predicament.

On to the salads. For brunch (after the flush because it has to be done on an empty stomach.) I laid out a bed of spinach, heated up some homemade-mexican-inspired kidney bean soup, put that on top of the greens, fried an egg and cut it into strips as a topping, chopped up some green onion and cucumber, then had a 1/4 cup lowfat drinking yogurt on the side. It was delicious.

Then for the dinner I went to: I volunteered to make the salad. It's guaranteed to be south beach friendly that way. :) Layered cabbage and lettuce, topped with chopped mushrooms, green banana peppers, cucumbers, and roasted garlic. Then I steamed a bunch of leeks with a red onion, added lemon juice and some spices to that, let it cool, and added to the salad. You could make any dressing you like I guess, but I had mine with just a bit of red wine vinegar and it was quite scrumptious, really. Hope you enjoy.


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