Saturday, January 8, 2011


Until I get things back together I will not be writing.

Why write about silly things? Who really wants to read a day to day about my struggles...I wouldn't.


As soon as I've come back around and found a better way to live, new posts will be published.

About art. food. life. living.

Hope all is well.

Goodbye for awhile.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Can't believe it's day six.

Really. It's crazy.

Today I had a party to go to as well as a dinner. I made it through, though.
Can't wait to get back to eating some fruits and grains,though. Honeslty, I may be missing those more...actually I'm sure I'm missing those more than the sugars. A nice juicy apple, some roasted squash, carrot sticks, cold banana with peanut mouth is watering. :)

Anyway, when it's all over I'll begin posting my recipes once more There's not really much to be made (in my kitchen anyway) while on such a restricted diet.

Today I did make a yummy salad, though. Actually two yummy salads. For brunch I had...oh wait. I forgot to mention doing a salt water flush today. I highly recommend it. Works well for flushing out unwanted toxins and I enjoyed the feeling of 'cleaned out' anyway. Try it. Just be prepared to have access to a bathroom for at least the next three hours. Otherwise you might be in an odd predicament.

On to the salads. For brunch (after the flush because it has to be done on an empty stomach.) I laid out a bed of spinach, heated up some homemade-mexican-inspired kidney bean soup, put that on top of the greens, fried an egg and cut it into strips as a topping, chopped up some green onion and cucumber, then had a 1/4 cup lowfat drinking yogurt on the side. It was delicious.

Then for the dinner I went to: I volunteered to make the salad. It's guaranteed to be south beach friendly that way. :) Layered cabbage and lettuce, topped with chopped mushrooms, green banana peppers, cucumbers, and roasted garlic. Then I steamed a bunch of leeks with a red onion, added lemon juice and some spices to that, let it cool, and added to the salad. You could make any dressing you like I guess, but I had mine with just a bit of red wine vinegar and it was quite scrumptious, really. Hope you enjoy.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Five...

Honestly, I can't believe it's already day five. When people say the first few days are the hardest...they're right. Not so much because the amount you crave carbs changes, but because now that I've come this far there's no turning back. Your will power to continue on gets stronger overcoming the temptation of cheating. :)

I realized today, though, that I don't really agree with my families eating habits. It causes a lot of tension between us. A lot. My older sister, for example is an extremely unhealthy eater, she'll go all day on chocolate, boxed blueberry muffins, pizza, and dr. pepper. She doesn't each much, though, so of course, she's losing weight. I feel like a failure because she basically eats everything, yet loses weight. While I'm over here working my butt off and nothing is happening.

Kind of frustrating...

Anyway, I was tired this morning. After my late post last night, 7:30 just came too soon. I also woke up with a sore back. Probably from running downhill was tough doing the exercise video as I had about zero motivation.

It's all about commitment, though. :)

As far as weight goes, I don't think I've lost any, but Sunday will tell. Oh yes, one of the major problems with this diet is I'm having trouble going to the bathroom. I'm an insane water drinker so it's definitely not about the fluids. I think my body is just used to more fiber. Having no fruit nor whole grains my fiber intake has lowered considerably. Today it's chickpea soup again, though, which should help.

I did want to share about my lunch today: yum. yum. Despite feeling discouraged about no weight loss I whipped up a delicious lunch.

A bed of greens (spinach mostly)
five small brussel sprouts, steamed in the microwave
chopped red onion
chopped chive
broccoli, either steamed or kept crunchy
a bit of chopped green pepper
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp sesame oil
sprinkling of ginger (depending on how spicy you like it)
a few dashes of soy sauce
salt to taste
and a little under a tablespoon homemade crunchy peanut butter

did I mention it was delish? amazing. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leek and chickpea soup...

Yum. Yum.

Today was also tougher than I thought. Being surrounded by carbs and sugar was awfully tempting, but I made it through! My own creation of asian leek and chickpea soup saved me at the dinner table. Then when dessert rolled around a few hours later I was on the verge of splurging...but, lowfat kefir mixed with lowfat plain yogurt came in handy sprinkled with cinnamon and a couple teaspoons of homemade peanut butter. :) Yay. I made it. Looking past the pumpkin ice cream, carmelized walnut and pretzels, gingersnaps, and loads of candy. I must say, I'm proud of myself. It was a rough evening. I did, to be polite to my friend, try one spoon full of each of the other soups (crab chowder and hungarian stew). Actually the stew is SBD friendly, but didn't really sound delicious to me. OH yes, I forgot to mention that I made an amazing salad of cabbage, toasted nuts, pears(unallowed, I know, but it was going bad in my fridge and one small slice isn't going to kill me), poppy seeds, cucumber, oven roasted onions and garlic, and chives. With my own recipe of Tahini Lemon dressing. Last but not least, I stuffed a squash, one half with an Italian flair, the other South Beach safe. Rave reviews on the Italian one (which I did not taste) and the other was so so. Too dry and a bit bland, but I could eat the stuffing. Not the squash itself, of course.

Once again. Overall a decent night.

Off to bed...

Day Four...

And still going strong. :)

I feel like today so far has been much easier. My headaches are completely gone, my sugar cravings are way down, and I'm not constantly desiring some carbs.

Much better.

Today my friend is coming over and we're going to cook for our families. Her and I are both crazy foodies, I, a bit more on the healthy exotic side, but it's all good. Slight problem, I can hardly eat anything. Especially not what she plans to cook. My mom, who decided to do the SBD with me, says she'll only eat a little of everything. I'm not like that, though. I don't want to break what I've worked so hard to keep. We'll see...

I'm making a crazy lentil chickpea soup with an asian twist...hopefully?! We'll see if it turns out. Then, I'm stuffing a squash with all sorts of South Beach friendly veggies, and last but not least, a cold cabbage salad with Tahini dressing. :) These things I can eat, but what she's making (dessert and two soups) I can not eat. Not to sure if she'll understand, but we'll see?!

This morning I went running and then did a ten minute work out video. Running was not terrific, wow am I out of shape. Time, time, time. Everything takes time.

Anyhoo, bye bye for now.

Broaches are still in the works...I may try to take pictures and upload them. Who knows?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Three!

Today was rough.

I stepped on the scale and that was a bad idea.

I've never weighed this much in my life, so of course I was completely discouraged.

Very near to binging my sorrow away.

But I didn't!

Yay. Yay. Yay!

Now I've made it through day three more determined than ever to see it through.

I'll wait and weigh again on Sunday, the half way point and hopefully be back to report good things:)

I've eaten a lot of eggs on this diet and meat too. Weird, considering I'm not a fan of either. Anyway, we're making egg muffins now and I made an amazing smelling soup for dinner.

If it turns out as yummy as it smells I'll post the recipe...if I can remember what I did! ;)
Now it's off to exercise...on an empty stomach! :(

How wonderful granola and fruit will taste when this is all over....

Goodnight, blog world.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Two

Yes, I've made it through two days.
Successfully. :)

It's interesting considering that with barely any carbs in my day I hardly ever feel 'satisfied'. As in, my stomach sort of always feels empty. It's a good feeling, yet sometimes it's annoying how quickly I get hungry. Just a few hours and I've got to eat again. Interesting.

They say the first days are the hardest and I hope so because it's difficult. My sugar cravings are outrageous and like I said, I'm never satisfied after a meal and constantly want a 'dessert' afterwards. Hanging in there, though. My headaches have gotten better. I'm slightly nervous about doing the exercise video again tomorrow. Today was 10 minutes of bootcamp abs and an hour of walking. :)

Goodnight all.