Monday, December 27, 2010


I don't like being sick. Right now my head hurts, my body is weak, and my stomach feels like it's carrying jagged boulders.
Not a great feeling.

Maybe it's due to all the sugar and unhealthiness I've been eating I regret it now.
As you know from my earlier post, my plan to start a juice fast starts today. Sad story: the box that I thought contained a juicer, was, to my dismay, carrying old knicknacks, a lamp, and other junk. We do not have a juicer. :(

Instead I decided to just do the raw fruits and vegetables fast for the full two weeks. If I feel like this the whole time it will end very shortly. Right now I'm considering eating some saltines or nuts or something.

I also can not decide if I should do a salt water flush. On one hand the thought of cleaning out some toxic waste sounds terrific. On the other hand, if I try to drink the salt water I may throw it up. Should I try it or not?

I'll have to let you know soon...

If there is anyone reading this I sure hope you don't feel as terribly sick as I feel right now. :(

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