Sunday, December 26, 2010

Juice Fasting!

I'm excited. Really.

I need something to get off these ten pounds and start feeling better. My colon is coated in sugar and fat...

Yes, yes, I'm not actually 'fat' on the BMI scale so I'm not expecting to lose 15 pounds like some people, but I'm hoping for at least 7 over the two week period. :)

Here's what I'm doing: First week (7 days) starting tomorrow will be all juices, freshly squeezed and possibly salt water flushes. The second week I'll begin incorporating solid food, but only fruits and veggies. Then, by the third week I'll add simple carbs and proteins such as nuts, white meat, oats, rice, flax seed, etc. On the fourth and final week I'll bring in dark chocolate, yogurt, milk, and eggs. This will be my lifestyle. After the fourth week I will allow for two homemade sweet things (no processed foods) every week such as Christmas cookies, birthday cake, and other society pleasing desserts.

Every day I'm going to write down what I eat, how I feel, and each week I'll weigh in.

I'm hoping to blog every few days with progress, disappointment, and all other realities. :D


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