Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beautiful cold....

Saturday. What a wonderful day it has the potential to be. Most of mine are filled with less than desirable things to do, but today was an exception. :)

Today was filled with cooking, sewing, exercising, walking the dog, watching Newsies, looking at the christmas tree, reading, writing...ah. what a wonderful day. Perfectly restful.

And what I made today:

Amazingly rich pumpkin soup. (vegan) :)
A surprise one person pumpkin pie for my beloved father.
Black bean soup...a little on the bland side. (Really wishing I could get green chiles in the Balkans.) *sigh*
Oh yeah, I made some amazing stuff yesterday as well....which I ate today.

The best veggie burgers ever! Broccoli, peanut butter, soy sauce, carrots, and a bunch of other stuff...they were delicious, vegan, and baked. healthy and scrumptious...don't question it.
Lemon, orange, carrot, banana, apple, poppyseed muffins were better than I anticipated. My muffin skills are not what you might call excellent so I was impressed. Both of the above foods are now stowed away in my freezer for what I get the urge...perfect for the busy week ahead. :D

Overall this was an amazing weekend....
I'll keep you informed about the sewing. I'm making a skirt but the result of today was utterly disastrous so...
hopefully I will have the joy of reporting differently in a few days.
We'll see.


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